Best Font Ideas for Designing a Brochure & Booklets

Choosing the right font for your company brochures

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Whenever you decide to update your company brochures, there are few important points that you much consider. We very well know that brochures play a valuable part in company’s growth. They are customer’s first impression of your business. So it needs to be professionally designed and printed. Same day printing company available online will fulfill all your printing needs and provide general support as well

Your company’s brochure should be printed on high-quality  paper to make the colours look vivid and have that lasting impression on the users

Fonts play a large part in a brochure’s design. The right choice of font will not only add beauty to the brochures but also bring in the client attention your brand requires.

* Limit your fonts for strong impact

The secret manta to a perfectly designed brochure is using of limited fonts. We get confused when choosing the right font and end up using a large number of fonts which makes the brochure hard to read and less attractive. Notice that the best brochures in market available use only one or two kinds of fond. So stick with it and get the best out of brochure printing.

Font Types and Its Uses
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  •   Fonts For Headlines:  Headline and Display fonts are used for highlighting the main points in brochure & have a key impact in brochure designing
  •  Hand Written & Script Fonts: These kinds of fonts are used for creating the effect . There is a variety of handwritten fonts available online based on natural writing styles. Script fonts are used to style the key information in a brochure & are suitable for few lines of content.
  • Sans Serif & Serif Fonts: The most commonly used fonts are either Sans Serif or Serif Fonts. They are used for large areas of content. .Fonts such as Times New Roman & Century are considered as traditional fonts wherever Arial or Calibri are seen as modern day looking font styles

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